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Aplicá esto, antes que Facebook te ponga en evidencia.

Esta nota de VentureBeat, nos cuenta cómo impacta el nuevo Search Graph anunciado recientemente, y qué deberías hacer para no quedar mal parado…

Facebook launched search and now you have to figure out what is going to show up in searches around the globe. We feel your pain, so we’ve outlined just how privacy works in this crazy, Facebook world.

When the social network announced its Search Graph yesterday, there was one word chief executive Mark Zuckerberg kept repeating: privacy. Rightfully so, as the social network holds information that sometimes you don’t even know is available about you. (Like the fact that your cousin still has that photo of you wearing a bathing suit and holding a wine glass.) The company is trying to mitigate the “surprise factor” by being very up front with what kind of content you’ll be able to search.

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